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When it comes to men’s haircuts, keeping the buzz in your barbershop could make or break your business.

While it’s true that some men might only see their haircut as a necessity, going to the barber is more than just practicality for others. Style, atmosphere, and the quality of the trim play a part. And with some clients now paying £100 for a men’s haircut in London, it’s all about the reputation.

Whether you’re set up in a small town or the outskirts of the capital, understanding your clients is crucial. No matter your experience, it’s always worth refreshing your mindset and finding opportunities to see your shop grow.

Men’s haircuts: What’s the big appeal?

Hairstyle defines most first impressions.

For a lot of men, their hair reflects not only their taste and style but determines how they present themselves to other people – especially when they’re dressed to impress. In the UK, men visit the barber as often as every two and a half weeks when they need a cut-throat shave.

Whether it’s a quick beard trim or a hot towel shave, men frequently return to the same barber for their haircut. And while it’s most important to deliver a quality trim, providing an inviting, relaxing space for your clients helps significantly too.

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Men’s haircuts: How to leave your clients satisfied – and guarantee their return

Create a welcoming environment

The interior ambience of your barbershop could be more influential than you’d expect. Try to create a bright, calm atmosphere that promotes light conversation and doesn’t put the spotlight on anyone for too long either.

Use mirrors and warm colours throughout, perhaps with a tasteful dark feature wall. Make sure you design for practicality too: keeping your floor smooth and level will make cleanup much easier.

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Add personal touches

The personal relationship you foster with your clients plays a huge part too.

If any of your clients seem curious about looking after their hair, you should share your experience by supporting them after their appointment. Whether you recommend specific styling products or let them know that hair toner could be the key to radiant, long-lasting colour, you should try to support your clients before and after their appointments.

Minimize wait times

Efficiency is one of the most critical aspects of any successful barbershop. Try to keep wait times as low as possible by ensuring that you have a user-friendly booking platform available for your clients to use both on mobile and desktop.

In the shop, try to make sure you can keep your appointments running smoothly. If you have two barbers working at once, keep transitions smooth by prepping one customer just before the other is due to leave. And if you accommodate walk-ins, try to keep one staff member free from bookings on certain days.

Final thoughts

Lastly, don’t remember to leave some time for yourself. To run your barbershop successfully, you need to make time for yourself – both professionally and in your own time.

To keep providing the best service possible for your clients, try to research the market and the products you’re using at work. Don’t make your decisions based solely on budget and try to make a range of products available. Above all, take breaks when you need to.

If you’re not comfortable in your shop, take a longer break or offer mobile services for a change of scenery.

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