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SARCO Architects Costa Rica has walked away with two accolades from the Luxury Lifestyle Awards: Best Luxury Architect Studio and Best Luxury Villa Architecture 2023, for their work at Paraiso 354 in Costa Rica.

SARCO Architects Costa Rica is a long-standing leader in the field of luxury tropical modern home design, with a list of clients worldwide, tapping into their bespoke services based on the SARCO System. This complete solution, encompassing multi-specialty design services through construction, and seamless client involvement experience, ensures that clients can enjoy the epitome of luxury living in Costa Rica, with every detail taken care of by the company’s team.

The SARCO System offers a turnkey experience for select projects, from initial concept to final execution.

Luxury Lifestyle Awards is a global award selecting, recognizing, celebrating, and promoting the best luxury goods and services all over the world.

(Images are of Paraiso 354)

Paraiso Baja 332

Interview with Roderick Anderson, SARCO Architects

What do these accolades mean to you and your team?

This is a great honour for us not only to win once again for one of our great luxury residence projects but more importantly, to win a second time the award for Best Luxury Architecture Studio for Costa Rica. As winners of now well over a dozen international design awards it is great to see that multiple entities all recognize our talent, effort, and attention to detail in our projects.

It gives us great pleasure not just to win these awards, but also to give our clients added value to their properties by having them be winners of different international design awards.

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How do you plan to leverage the Luxury Lifestyle Awards recognition to further enhance your studio’s reputation and expand your presence in the luxury architectural market?

We clearly focus on working on a specific market of high-end luxury homes for international clients. Not only is this our preferred type of project, but it is where we are most successful and where all of our systems and our integrated design approach gives the best results.

Being winners of two Luxury Lifestyle Awards in 2023 (and also being previous winners and part of the Top 100 Architects and Designers in 2022) all add to our international recognition for our talent and quality of our work. These are essential elements for our brand and are elements that we believe our clients look out for when selecting an architecture firm for their projects.

The Paraiso 354 Residence boasts breathtaking views of the ocean and an untouched valley. Can you elaborate on the design considerations that allowed you to maximize these stunning natural vistas and create a unique living experience?

The integration of the views is always front and center at the core of the design considerations for our projects. In Costa Rica, we are privileged with stunning natural scenery in many of our locations. We clearly understand that the visual enjoyment of our amazing landscape and ocean views are some of the main reasons why our clients decide to purchase property in Costa Rica. Then it is our job to create designs that not only make the most of those views but actually elevate them and make them even more stunning.

This is a core of not only where we place certain elements of our design, but how to design those specific spaces not only to blur the lines of indoor and outdoor areas but to create homes that become truly special. We focus on making those beautiful natural pictures even more stunning by proper framing, orienting, and even selecting materials. We always want to create the needed transparency to the views or to create the image of reflecting the stunning sunsets on the pool water.

Paraiso Baja 238

Your studio has a strong focus on creating custom-tailored luxury homes for clients. Can you share some insights into the collaborative process you undertake with clients to ensure their unique visions are realized?

Initially there are a lot of conversations in order to try to get to know our clients as well as we possibly can. Even though it is clear that our luxury homes have a common design line, we don’t really have a fixed design style. And this is because we like to listen to our clients, understand most importantly how they want their home to feel, and how they want to feel by spending time in their new home in paradise.

Then it is our job to interpret the personality and the desires of our clients and turn those into spectacular designs for them to enjoy and to spend invaluable time with family and friends and create memories for years to come.

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The luxury market is constantly evolving. What trends do you see emerging in luxury architectural design, and how do SARCO Architects stay ahead of the curve?

We see our clients becoming more and more cognizant about the environment and understanding that their project has an environmental impact. How to design a luxury home that looks and feels the part, that allows our clients to truly enjoy spending more and more time in their homes, but that at the same time reduces the impact on the environment and lowers the energy needs is one of the main keys.

Careful selection of new material choices that can still look and feel luxurious, but that does not carry a huge environmental impact in their extraction or production is ever more important. Also, the integration of local or indigenous materials such as volcanic natural stone and tropical woods, with proper vetting of their sustainable plantation practices is also a big key.

We have to always stay informed on the market trends and apply and interpret to our local conditions so that our designs always feel unique and feel like they belong to their location.

Looking ahead, what exciting projects does SARCO Architects have in the pipeline, and what can we expect from the studio in upcoming years?

Right now, we are finalizing details on a tremendous new project called Villa Cantera. It is our latest project in the Peninsula Papagayo Luxury Resort in Guanacaste. You will be seeing some images and information on Villa Cantera pretty soon, as this will be a truly stunning home.

Also, we have other interesting projects down the pipeline, including one very ambitious luxury residential development where SARCO Architects will be the sole designing firm for the entire project.

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