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The Lamborghini Aventador despite the long list of special editions was getting long in the tooth and with the supercar genre seeing drastic changes due to electrification, the time was right for also Lamborghini to take the leap. With the Revuelto, Lamborghini has done just that but not without forgetting its roots.

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The Lamborghini supercar has always been about two things: outrageous styling and its V12 powertrain. The Revuelto manages to preserve that albeit with also being a plug-in hybrid. Yes, it seems strange that a massive wedge-shaped Lamborghini has a charging flap but that’s how times have changed. However, enthusiasts can take solace from the fact that the beating heart happens to be an even more powerful 12-cylinder behemoth.

Lamborghini Revuelto 3

Lamborghini Revuelto: Crazy power

There is an 814hp 6.5-liter V-12 while three electric motors bring the total output to a hypercar-esque 1001hp. There is a lot of complexity but basically there are now two electric motors at the front axle as well as the third one positioned above the eight-speed double-clutch gearbox that can supply power to the rear wheels.

There is also a 3.8 kWh battery pack and that can be juiced up via ordinary domestic alternating and charging column current up to 7 kW in power or through regenerative braking. So, you can trundle along in silence and it also vastly cuts down emissions from earlier models.

There are a lot of clever bits underneath the new platform with a plug-in hybrid set-up. Along with that the new ‘monofuselage’ chassis represents the usual carbon fibre monocoque but now even the front structure is pure carbon fibre.

Lamborghini Revuelto

The Lamborghini supercar has always been about two things: outrageous styling and its V12 powertrain.

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A generous hint of the Huracan

While there is a lot to take in in terms of the complex electric four-wheel drive or the powertrain or even the 13 drive modes, the design is still classic Lamborghini with also a generous hint of the Huracan. The wedge-shaped design is very much there but the lines are angular plus a lot of hexagonal elements along with aerospace design cues.

There are bigger intakes and less curves but the central exhaust plus the visible engine peeking out is something out of outer space. It is every inch a spaceship and holds onto the raw emotions which a Lamborghini should convey. Inside, you have more space and technology now with a ‘Y’ shaped design language.

Lamborghini Revuelto 4

Lamborghini Revuelto – From Now On

New bonus: Storage space

It is no longer alien to technology as there is a 12.3″ digital cockpit on the driver’s side and on the 9.1″ display installed on the passenger-side dashboard. There is also a swipe function now being added. Rather surprisingly there is actual storage now being available plus cup-holders.

The big Revuelto comes with visible carbon fibre on the dashboard and the upholstery uses recycled polyester via a water-based production process. Of course, there is a lot of customizations on offer via the Lamborghini Personalization process.

Lamborghini Revuelto 5

Wrap up

The Revuelto is shockingly fast but that is not surprising as the intriguing bit is the inclusion of the hybrid plug-in powertrain and maintaining the shock and awe which a flagship Lamborghini should have. We will say that the big new V12 Lambo has grown in power and stature but also moves along with the rest of the automotive world towards electrification.

Images: Lamborghini

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