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Your classic car isn’t just a machine; it’s a piece of history, a labor of love, and a work of art. Naturally, you want this investment and testament to craftsmanship to arrive at car shows in pristine condition. Read on to learn how to protect your classic car on the way to shows so you can maintain its splendor and leave the judges and crowd in awe.

Choose your transport vehicle well

The journey to the show is just as critical as the final polish on those chrome accents. The transport vehicle you elect is your classic car’s first line of defense against the elements and the unpredictability of the road. For many restorers, aluminum car haulers offer the quality and protection they want. These trailers protect your vehicle from dust, dirt, and moisture.

Additionally, investing in a trailer with a quality suspension system can help prevent unwanted vibrations that might ruffle your car’s composure. Opt for a vehicle with robust locking mechanisms, and consider a climate-control feature to safeguard against temperature fluctuations that could damage your car’s finish.

Drive carefully

Taking the wheel while transporting your classic car might seem like a basic tip, but it’s essential to follow. How you drive can mean the difference between a head-turning arrival and an unfortunate mishap that could mar months—or years—of exacting restoration work. Drive with the foresight of potential road hazards, maintain a steady pace, and give yourself plenty of braking room. You’re not trying to get to the show as quickly as possible; you’re just trying to arrive with your classic car in the same condition it was when it left your garage.

Secure and monitor your vehicle

Securing your treasured car inside the trailer is just one part of the puzzle. Properly fastening it with high-quality straps that can handle the vehicle’s weight without damaging its bodywork is also essential. Go the extra mile by installing a monitoring system inside your transport vehicle so you can keep a vigilant eye on your classic car throughout the journey. This may include cameras and sensors to check on its stability, giving you the upper hand to pause and adjust should anything seem amiss.

There’s an unparalleled sense of pride when you see your classic car glisten under the show lights, reflecting the hours of meticulous work and care you’ve invested. Knowing how to protect your classic car on the way to shows will ensure your hard work looks its best in the limelight.

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