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In recent years, many lottery players have migrated to buying tickets online in Canada rather than heading to the convenience store. It is a convenient alternative when you’re busy, have mobility troubles, or want to avoid getting a physical ticket. Best of all, playing the lottery online in Canada boasts the same odds. Winners have come from online tickets.

There are Canada-wide lotteries online and regional games in every province available to residents. Which one you play depends on where you live, what’s available, and your preferences. Lotto Max and Lotto 6/49 are, by far, the most popular lottery games in Canada. Both offer online ticket purchases.

If you like to play the lottery, make it easier on your schedule by purchasing your ticket online. Here is how to play the lottery online in Canada.

First: Set your lottery budget

The most critical strategy is setting a budget. While the lottery is fun to play, it’s a form of gambling. Treat this habit as such. Set a maximum budget and stick with it.

With online accessibility, buying lottery tickets and overspending is easier than ever. View it as entertainment by allocating a budget in advance. Ideally, this financial planning also ensures you stay within your monthly income.

Then sign up for an account

Every lottery is different. For those allowing online lottery play, registering an account with the overseeing lottery corporation is the first step. If you plan to play a nationwide Canada lottery, like Lotto Max or Lotto 6/49, you must sign up for an account at From this account, you are permitted to purchase lottery tickets online.

After you’ve created an, you will notice that it’s not just a portal for selecting lottery numbers. It’s essentially an online casino, including digital slots, Blackjack, and table games at your disposal. These virtual games offer entertainment and monetary compensation if you are lucky. That said, these games are entirely optional. Most prefer to save their money to play the lottery instead.

Register your payment info and add money

To play the lottery online, you must register your payment information. Add funds to the account after entering your credit card information. After inputting the funds into your account, you have everything you need to buy a lottery ticket online. To do so, the process is similar to standing in front of lotto tickets at the corner store.

Select your ticket and input your numbers

After funds are deposited, select your ticket. Pick your lottery numbers to use. You can manually enter lotto numbers or let them be set automatically. Both number-selection strategies have advantages. Some participants prefer manual selection, like taking destiny into their own hands. Others enjoy the ease and accessibility of automatic numbers. Either way, winners have won jackpots from both approaches.

Next, add other plays or ENCORE, if applicable. Afterwards, you’re done with nothing more to do. Your numbers are registered and locked in, ready to play the lottery.

Register for future lottery draws

Online lottery games focus on repeat customers. A strategy they use is allowing accounts to budget for future lotto draws. These features are called ‘future draws,’ ‘Never Miss A Draw,’ or similar language. This way, you can register your lotto numbers across several future draws and budget according to your account’s amount of money. It’s a smart strategy if you don’t have the time to buy a new ticket every draw or don’t want to overspend on tickets.

Online Lottery

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Check whether you have won the lottery

After a draw, you can find the results on a lottery corporation’s website. If you have registered for email notifications, a message will inform you of the jackpot prizewinners and the winning numbers. This method makes it easy to check your numbers, especially if you play a specific set of digits every week.

Claim a lottery prize in Canada

Any lottery wins less than $1,000 is automatically added to your wallet if you play online. It can then be withdrawn that way into your bank account. For wins above $1,000 online, a claim must be submitted. From there, you may be mailed a cheque. Alternatively, an appointment will be scheduled to follow up and provide you with your prize. Online claims are typically processed within five business days.

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