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The Porsche 911 can be called the ultimate sports car and the canvas for the revival of a long-lost motoring culture of restomods.  Restomods are currently the rage and the 911 must be credited for that due to its appeal and versatility.

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Along with Singer, Gunther Werks has been responsible for some delectable 911 restomods in the past. But its latest creation is right up there in terms of how far the 911 philosophy can be taken. In other words, Gunther Werks has turned the volume right up to 11 with the ‘Project Tornado’. Making its debut amongst the exotic hyper cars in Pebble Beach, Monterey, the Project Tornado stood out for its cartoonish wheel-arches along with power figures to match.

Gunther Werks Project Tornado 18

Gunther Werks Project Tornado restomod: Focusing on driving experience

It is based on the 993 Porsche. That’s arguably one of the most desirable shapes within the 911 history. Gunther Werks has applied modern-day performance car trickery along with extreme measures in terms of performance or design.

The bodywork for example, is all carbon-fibre including the roof. Gaping intakes along with a functional front duct plus air vent while an “open-design” rear bumper. That is made to keep its monstrous powertrain cool. As you peer closer, you will see intake ducts in the rear quarter panels too.

Porsche 993 Interior Dash

The rear styling though features an outrageous spoiler and a massive diffuser along with 3D printed exhaust tips. The car also has a wider track and wheels which are a combination of Carbon Fibre and Magnesium. It certainly looks purposeful along with the menacing stance. That is like any bewinged track racer from Porsche’s GT department.

Talking point: 700 horsepower

Inside, it is all pared back with the focus purely on the driving experience albeit with lashings of carbon-fibre thanks to bucket seats and even a carbon-fibre steering wheel. The seat cushions are tailor-made to the owner. A nose lift control function brings in a modicum of useability to this extreme creation.

Gunther Werks Project Tornado 3

The talking point is of course that motor stuffed underneath. It is a 4.0L twin-turbo Rothsport Racing Engine which revs to a stratospheric 7,500 rpm. Total power is in the region of 700 horsepower which can be uncorked fully with the ‘track mode’. However, unlike modern-day hyper cars, the Project Tornado doffs its cap towards older 911’s with a six-speed manual transmission.

There is no double clutch automatic or any modern-day trickery as the connection that a manual transmission gives to the driver is still unbeatable. There is a lot of adjustability on offer too, including the suspension to the carbon-fibre brakes, which provide the necessary stopping power.

Pricing has not been announced. Being limited to 25 examples only, that really doesn’t matter since it is a collector’s item. That fulfils a specific niche for many rich petrolheads for an analogue driving experience within a layer of modern-day performance histrionics.

What we like

An alluring restomod but with modern-day supercar technology, all while being an analogue driver’s car.

What we do not like

Too expensive and might be too extreme for many 911 collectors.

Porsche 993 Half Rear Exhaust Vents
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