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As with most Genesis cars, after staring at the price tag, we always come back to value for money. With the 2022 Genesis G80 F 3.5T Sport AWD, that’s $73,500, with all the features.

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And that’s where the rubber hits the road, to haul out that cliche, after a week on the road. Dark red, a sedan that’s elegantly athletic with refined comfort inside, it catches your eye as you walk up. Then there is some muscle behind it. A 3.5L, Twin Turbo V6 (375 HP, 391 lb/ft), 8-speed automatic transmission, AWD is what powers you.

The brawn is in part in the three-dimensional wing-shaped front bumper, dark glossy chrome off all the side moldings, and the 2-inch Sport Alloy Wheels. That and the Genesis G80’s front fascia with its dark glossy chrome grille. For me, the design is not quite in the BMW sedan category, but it’s close.

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Genesis cars: Real comfort when you climb in

Then there is the interior. Maybe because I hadn’t been driving in a few weeks, or maybe because I was on my way to Hamilton form Toronto in another one of those calamitous highway traffic days, but I did feel a noticeable inner serenity with this one. The Genesis G80 has comfortable leather seating, heated front and rear seats for when the cold winds start to blow, and a heated steering wheel (try it in February, if you’ve never experienced one).

I particularly liked the more-than-adequate 14.5-inch high resolution touch-screen navigation system, and a 21-speaker premium Lexicon audio system. When I am in traffic I like to work the dial and comb up and down through the Sirius radio stations until that right song or right sports radio talking head hits. The design of the Genesis G80 makes that very comfortable to do. The panoramic sunroof makes the summer driving experience, with the music going on, all the more exemplary.

Gas prices are on everyone’s minds – 22 miles/gallon, or 12.6 combined (city/highway) litres/100 km, is where the Genesis G80comes down.

Bottom line is we loved it, truly. Sleek, comfortable, fast – and affordable, for your luxury car dollar.

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