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Having a summer home, whether it’s tucked away on a lake somewhere or facing a white sandy beach, truly comes in handy when you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. It provides some peace and quiet, a chance to connect with nature, and not to mention the years’ worth of family memories with friends and family members.

Do you also have a boat at your summer home? Taking the boat out on the lake or ocean for fishing, hanging out with loved ones, or just to cruise around is what summertime is all about. But sooner than later, you’ll have to pack her up for winter. Without proper storage, your boat can become severely damaged, and its lifespan can drastically decrease.

It might be a little early in the season to get the boat out of the water now but it’s never too early to consider how to winterize it so that it withstands the colder months.

Get a head start on the boat storage process by reading these crucial tips on how to store it over the winter.

Drain it and cleat it

First things first: Before you consider how or where to store the boat, ensure that it’s drained and cleaned. Once you remove the boat from the water, drain the bilge, water tanks, head, pipes, and seacocks. If possible, raise the bow to accelerate the drainage.

Then, spray the bilge with a moisture-displacing lubricant. Lastly, add antifreeze into the bilge and water tanks to prevent any freezing.

In addition to draining the boat, give her a thorough clean before storage. Scrub from the hull to interior with soapy water, and clear our any drawers, refrigerators, or freezers. Always remember to completely dry boat before storage and polish the superstructure evenly.

Boat Storage

Photo by Mike Swigunski on Unsplash

Keep it in a shipping container

Shipping containers are not just built for hauling heavy loads of goods across oceans, they can also double as durable and reliable personal storage solutions. Additionally, they free up extra storage on your property because they’re mobile and can fit large quantities of personal items safely and securely. They also make excellent storage for boats.

Storing your boat in a steel shipping container provides optimal security because they’re designed to withstand harsh weather conditions — protecting boats from water, wind, and extreme temperatures. They’re also great for keeping out vandalism and theft, due to robust locking systems.

Containers also come in a variety of sizes, offering versatile options for boats of many different sizes and weights. Additionally, since they’re portable, you can hitch your boat onto your truck to move it from place to place.

Outdoor coverage

If indoor storage is unavailable to you, remember to protect your boat with a durable, breathable cover. It should shield from the sun, the outdoor elements, and securely fasten to the boat to ensure that it doesn’t come loose.

As you enjoy the summer, keep your boat’s storage in the back of your mind and use these tips as a guide. You don’t want the cold weather to roll around and not have a plan in place.

Top photo by Mike Swigunski on Unsplash

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