Regarding Luxury magazine, based in Toronto, one of the world’s financial and cultural capitals, focuses on real estate investment and wealth management, as well as health and wellness, and the luxury lifestyle that all affords.

“Luxury” is a word that gets tossed around loosely. Great comfort and extravagant living? To some it’s the best new car on the market, the most expensive watch, exclusive handmade fashion made from the finest fabrics, a Cohiba Cuban cigar over a cheaper brand. For others, it’s a little different. It’s not about conspicuous consumption, showing off. It’s more personal – a reward, or just enjoyment of the better things. It could also include self expression, or health and wellness.

We once asked luxury lifestyle expert Tobi Tobin for her definition of “luxury”, what it meant to her:

“It’s about a lifestyle, not price point. It’s about making choices that bring you happiness and joy. I can remember when I didn’t have any money, and I was struggling. I was getting the brand going, but every week, I would go to the grocery store and buy white roses, no matter what. I would spend that $10 because they brought me so much joy. They were by my bed. It made me feel so luxurious. It made me feel rich. It’s about doing the small things – being in the moment, being conscious, of luxury. Luxury to me is walking on the beach with my dog, sleeping in the best sheets, a great cup of coffee.”

We like to break up “luxury” into categories:

  • “Quality or class”, meaning luxury for those who really appreciate craftsmanship, for those who are drawn to brands with a long history. This is for people who like more classic, refined luxury. The connoisseur.
  • “Indulgence”, meaning treating yourself, on occasion. Luxury is not a lifestyle, so the purchase is more meaningful.
  • “Metamorphosis”, meaning luxury as a means of self-expression, personal transformation, being creative. These are people who don’t go for products that take themselves too seriously. Adventure is included here, health, as well as arts and culture.
  • “Bigger picture”, meaning luxury for the altruist, those seeking something deeper, those who want to enjoy luxury with a clear conscience, perhaps with more social meaning, such as philanthropy, or sustainability.

We are based in Toronto, a city that is fast evolving into one of the world’s financial and culture capitals, a great base for everything we are talking about the magazine. Regarding Luxury is a leading buyer’s guide for all things luxury lifestyle. Regarding Luxury embodies the spirit of fine living, for the true luxury cognoscenti. Regarding Luxury is for the educated, affluent, fashion-forward and young-at-heart.

Regarding Luxury highlights everything that is new and trending in the world of autos, timepieces, travel, fashion, jewelry, real estate, yachting, and aviation, through features and profiles of the people who are setting the standard when it comes to luxury living.

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