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In the modern environment, playing the most expensive games on the Play Store adds value to the popular leisure activity enjoyed by millions—playing games through an Android mobile phone.​ The more powerful smartphones of today have resulted in a much-improved gaming package, with some seriously solid Android games now available to play on a device.

Android gamers certainly aren’t short on options. For example, right now, gamers can access popular downloadable products like Among Us and Subway Surfers, before ending their session with a puzzle product like Candy Crush or even a popular Crazy 7 casino game, a slot release that is filled with sevens as symbols.

In the realm of Android gaming, where options abound and experiences vary, some titles stand out not only for their gameplay but also for their price tags. Let’s delve into the realm of premium gaming with a focus on the most expensive Android games available, each offering a unique experience for gamers willing to invest.

1. Fisherpunk Is The Most Expensive Game In 2024

At the time of writing, Fisherpunk is the most expensive downloadable product in the Google Play store. While the gameplay and mechanics are quite smooth, the fact that it has a staggering price tag of $400 to play is borderline insulting. The game is basic, it offers nothing new, and the minimalist graphics suggest that it’s nothing more than a disgusting cash grab. Is Fisherpunk worth downloading for the extortionate price of $400? Absolutely not.

2. Chick Is Enjoyable But Not Worth The Price

Thankfully, Chick isn’t as painful to play as the aforementioned Fisherpunk, although it doesn’t offer the most memorable gaming experience. Developed by Emoclew, the game offers a warm retro feel as gamers aim to overcome a variety of obstacles, but it isn’t exactly intricate in terms of its detail. For a game that costs $389.99 right now, you’d certainly expect more.

3. Daggertoss Is Actually Quite Fun

First and foremost, while we’ve stated that DaggerToss is actually quite fun, it definitely isn’t worth $389.99. Knife-throwing is popular in many States around America, with knife-throwing centers being opened for people to master their throwing skills and have a fun day out.

A game that translates into the virtual world quite well, DaggerToss will enable you to satisfy your knife-throwing cravings and record high scores as you aim to throw your way to the very top of the leaderboard. Although DaggerToss is fun, its extortionate cost is still ridiculous. We aren’t talking about anything innovative here.

One thing we will say about Bounce-E is that it provides a stern test for gamers. For $389.99, though, you’d expect a lot more. The game’s eye-catching graphics and colorful design immediately stand out, while playing as a ball and dodging a selection of tricky obstacles is fun.        

You can even compete against your loved ones and see who comes out on top, too. While we’ve highlighted some of Bounce-E’s plus points, it’s a game that doesn’t quite represent value for money. In fact, it’s genuinely disgraceful that such a simple game can cost as much as it does.

4. Lousy Airplane! Is Definitely One To Avoid

As you’ve probably guessed, judging by the tone of this particular article, we’re essentially advising you to avoid playing these games and not to waste your hard-earned cash on poor gaming products. Lousy Airplane! is another game that falls under this category, with it costing a frankly disturbing $374.99 to play.

All you do is steer a plane while avoiding a range of obstacles that are there to disrupt your progress. The game’s premise is hardly unique, the graphics are poor, and the overall gameplay is rather painful. The makers of Lousy Airplane! certainly have a lot of explaining to do – as to why it’s one of the most expensive games on the Play Store.

Top photo by Pathum Danthanarayana on Unsplash

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