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If you are in the process of planning a fun-filled trip to the French Alps this winter season, it may be worth taking the time to find out everything you need to know about Serre Chevalier. It is one of the region’s most popular major ski resorts.

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Serre Chevalier is located near the Italian border. It is comprised of over 155 miles of slopes for both experienced and inexperienced skiers to sharpen their skills. And, perhaps most importantly, have fun. To familiarize yourself with a beginner’s guide to Serre Chevalier, continue reading.

Check the weather forecast

If you are still relatively unfamiliar with skiing or have only taken to the slopes a handful of times, you must check the weather forecast before stepping onto Serre Chevalier’s slopes. It may seem time-consuming or even counterintuitive. But with it entirely possible for the weather to take a dramatic turn in a matter of seconds, preparation is the key to ensuring you are as prepared as you possibly can be.

This is especially important considering Serre Chevalier’s southerly location. Plus the fact that the vast majority of its slopes are located above 2,000m, as some of the highest in the region. As a result, they are only accessible through lifts. It is also not unheard of for this region to receive upwards of 20 feet of natural snow annually. That’s in addition to a third of the area being served by over 500 snow cannons.

Familiarise yourself with a map

To ensure you are as prepared as you possibly can be whilst skiing on the slopes of Serre Chevalier, you must familiarise yourself with a Serre Chevalier piste map in the days leading up to your first day on the slopes. It can prevent you from getting lost whilst skiing alone. And, perhaps most importantly, it will prevent you from falling victim to a number of common pitfalls. That requires veering off-course and requiring the expertise of a professional skier or ski instructor to guide you back to safety.

This can also allow you to save a considerable amount of time in knowing exactly where you are going on the day and avoid routes that are only used by experienced or professional skiers. It can take time to navigate your surroundings in person without the help of a map with time of the essence when you are skiing in a geographical location with unpredictable weather conditions.

Serre Chevalier France Ski Resort 2

Pack warm and waterproof clothing

It may sound like an obvious point but as a beginner skier, you must pack warm and waterproof clothing before you embark on a trip to Serre Chevalier. That rule applies to any major ski resort for that matter. This includes plenty of outerwear layers and thermal base layers with an extra pair of wool socks also a necessity to protect your feet from getting too cold and wet. That can render you unable to comfortably continue with your day.

It can be tempting to just ensure you are prepared for the cold temperatures that are likely to await you on the slopes. But by failing to also prepare for the snow, you run the risk of letting snow in and becoming ill as a result.

If you have decided to venture to Serre Chevalier during your next winter trip, it may benefit you to take the time to ensure you are as prepared as you possibly can be ahead of time. To do so, you must check the weather forecast in advance, and familiarise yourself with a map of the route you intend to take. And, last but not least, pack warm and waterproof clothing with plenty of extra layers.

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