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Every year, thousands of British and Canadian people decide to move to the USA to take advantage of job opportunities, business opportunities, study, to be closer to family and more. What goes into getting a U.S. Visa?

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Unfortunately, the entry requirements for getting into the U.S. can be quite strict. So moving to America permanently or for a long period of time is not always easy. If you have always wanted to move to the USA, then here are some ways that you might be able to turn that dream into a reality.

U.S. Visa: Get a job

A visa will be required to work in the USA. However, you won’t be able to apply for a work visa in America unless you have an employer who has offered you a job and is willing to act as your sponsor throughout the application process. Thankfully, there are plenty of employers in the US that are familiar with hiring from overseas and the immigration visa process, who are more likely to give you a job.

Use any contacts that you might have already in the US to see if they can try and help you find work. And keep a lookout for any companies that are advertising for employees from abroad. You may also want to consider applying to work with a company that is based in both America and the UK. Bear in mind that you are more likely to be successful with finding employment in the US if you have special experience or skills or are very highly educated.


America is home to some excellent colleges and universities. So studying in the US might be the way forward if you want to move to the US from the UK. Before going ahead, make sure that you choose a school and study program that is accredited by the Student and Exchange Visitor Program. Once you are accepted to study, you will automatically qualify to apply for a visa. However, bear in mind that this can be quite a lengthy process. So it’s best to start your application at least three to five months before your study program starts

You will also need to pay fees that add up to around $200 at least and go for an interview for your visa at a US consulate or embassy. Along with this, there are also other things to arrange before you move, such as international removals to USA if you have a lot of things to take with you. 1st Move offers shipping to the USA in various container sizes to make sure that your belongings arrive safely with you.

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Visit as a tourist

If you are unable to find a sponsor before going to the USA or don’t want to study in America, then one option that you might want to consider is to enter the country on a tourist visa and try to look for work once you arrive there. This might be an easier way to find a job as if you are already in the country. Employers can meet you face to face. You can get a professional B1 or B2 tourist visa for around six months.

However, they can be extended in some cases at the government’s discretion. But you will usually need to provide a good reason for why you want to extend. If you do manage to find a job offer and a sponsor, then you will need to start the process of making any necessary adjustments to your visa and have a work visa in place before you can start working.

U.S. Visa: Invest in the USA

If you are an entrepreneur and have some money to invest, then making an investment in a USA business or commercial enterprise can be a good way to get your green card and make your move to America. Each year, up to ten thousand investment visas are issued.

However, this can be one of the most expensive ways to get into the USA since you will need to be ready to invest a minimum of five hundred thousand dollars. And it’s usually into an area that is chosen by the US government. Investment areas are often in rural locations and tend to have high levels of unemployment, so you will also need to have a plan in place to create at least ten, permanent full-time job positions for US citizens.

U.S. Visa: Family ties

Finally, family or marriage ties can be an ideal way to move to America and get your visa. If you’re dating an American citizen, then marrying them can make it easier to get your permanent green card. That being said, it’s never a good idea to just marry somebody for the green card alone! You will be asked a lot of questions to make sure that you are getting married for the right reasons. It can be risky to arrive in America and get married straight away. So wait at least sixty days after you arrive on a tourist visa.

Then there’s the actual move – international moving services by threemovers.com will take the pressure off that part of it. Moving to America as a UK citizen is not always easy. But there are several things that you can do to improve your chance of having your visa accepted.

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