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Riding a horse is thrilling, but you need the right equipment to make you and your horse comfortable. However, finding and shopping for the right equipment can be a hassle. Why? Because there are so numerous options available in the request.

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Your guiding principles should be mainly durability and quality. For instance, if you want a horse blanket, the Kentucky heavy fleece offers multipurpose without inconveniences. That said, here are several tips on the equipment you should get to ride safely and protect your horse.

Bridle (harness)

A harness is one of the best equipment to keep your horse comfortable when riding. The harness includes a headpiece, bit, and reins. These three pieces work together to help you effectively communicate with your horse.

The headpiece and reins are mainly straps, so, there are made of leather. Remember that some bridles don’t come with reins; you need to buy them separately. On the other hand, bits are available in different types, such as double, Pelham, and snaffle. Typically, bits are made of copper because it makes horses salivate.

Fleece show rug

Does a horse need a blanket? Well, it depends mainly on your horse and your area’s cold and dampness. You can find a good fleece show rug like the Kentucky fleece show rug. This rug covers the chest and neck region while offering optimal comfort.

In addition, it absorbs perspiration and ensures your horse doesn’t get cold. The Kentucky fleece show rug is made of 100% polyester, but has a wool-like feel.

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A saddle is perhaps the most significant investment horse owners make. Defiles are designed to fit you and your steed. Therefore, you should ensure its appropriately measured to maximize comfort for you and your animal.

Typically, a saddle is made from leather and laminated wood. But it has copper or steel bits in the fasteners. In addition, the seating area has canvas, felt, and wool to improve the comfort of both the rider and the horse.

Saddle pads

Saddle pads are thin cushions placed under the saddle to prevent it from rubbing against the horse. Not only that, but saddle pads also absorb sweat and avoid heat build-up.

This ensures the saddle remains in place and there is no itching on the horse underneath the seat. Saddle pads are typically made from polyurethane or synthetic fur. However, you can also find natural fur saddle pads that are more durable.

Riding Your Horse 3

Stirrup leathers and irons

Stirrup leather is the material that attaches to the tree of the saddle. As the name suggests, bridle leathers are made from leather; either natural or synthetic. On the other hand, stirrup irons are where the rider places their feet to avoid bumping the horse on the belly. Also, are ring-shaped and are made from iron or steel.

In conclusion, you can buy a lot of equipment when you start riding your horse to ensure comfort. But it’s vital that you focus on your budget and first buy what you need. The items listed above are among the most important when it comes to riding horses.

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