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When Regarding Luxury, a leader in luxury and style, dropped a 2021 Porsche Taycan EV sedan at my doorstep, my interest instantly piqued to see how it performed in every day conditions.

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The city of Toronto offers plenty to see and do and what better way to spend the day than getting to know the new Porsche Taycan EV. Thankfully the Porsche Taycan EV is agile and hugely responsive in tight driving conditions such as parking in precarious dungeons of Toronto condominium garages. But it’s also clearly built to perform well on the track.

Surprising power and capability go hand in hand with the stylish, sporty Porsche Taycan EV, which offered an unforgettable drive experience.

Canada’s best luxury website: Charisma factor with the Porsche Taycan

The colour, frozen berry metallic is attention-grabbing enough. A real head-turner, I had compliments from everyone.

This one sports a double deck 93.4 kWh Performance Battery plus, 429 hp and 479 lb-ft torque. And it has 19” Taycan aero wheels for exceptional handling and control.

With a lot of pickup power and low supercar centre of gravity this car can undoubtedly do what any modern high performance track focused Porsche does to date. Comfortable and sporty, the Porsche Taycan possesses fine details that any car enthusiast can appreciate.

This model has 2-speed transmission on the rear axle and adaptive air suspension which makes for a super smooth “riding on air” feeling. Two electric motors, one at the rear and one located at the front of the vehicle.

If testing out city driving conditions is fun, the highway drive is a pleasure. The Porsche Taycan EV performance is outstanding and ultra powerful. It takes you 0-100 km/hr in four seconds. The driver can auto adjust the chassis height to have the car sit even lower.

With the push of a button you can feel the frame shift to your liking, offering different handling and performance opportunities in a variety of situations. Stability and grip mean this car is superior in corners. Worth mentioning, despite the power in this vehicle, it stops on a dime.

Porsche Taycan: Luxury touchpoints at every turn

A convenient head-up display, 360-sensors with backup camera, rain sensing windshield wipers, power-folding mirrors, 8-way power seats and fully electronic interior lend to allow you to drive with complete confidence, comfort and style. 4-door and up to 3 passengers are treated to their own touch displays; even the rear seated passengers have climate control and heated or cooled floor vents.

Luxury is found at every turn from the soft stitched leather seats and leather-coated steering wheel. Adjustable ambient interior lighting available in many colours lends to the stylish interior. Of course it is a push button start and the shifter takes up little space as a switch feature tucked in beside the steering wheel. An air ionizer cleans and ionizes the interior air while you drive.

Love the Electric Sport Sound feature

The Porsche Taycan EV offers a pre-cooling feature which kicks in the moment the key fob is detected but before activating the push-button start. The car sets the stage for luxury and comfort from the moment you sit down, even before pushing start. Apple Carplay is a sweet feature. This vehicle holds space in the arm rest for your smart phone to sit tucked away, out of sight and out of mind.

A nicely positioned, easy-to-read, hovering electronic dash displays battery life and on the console screen trip details can be found at your fingertips.

The Electric Sport Sound feature is a nice add-on. Since electric vehicles are silent, with the push of a button the Porsche Taycan emits an electronic sound mimicking the output of a real supercar engine. Hearing the sound was a believable yet surreal experience.

25-minute charge

One charge can take as little as 25 minutes on a DC charge, or charge it overnight for 9 hours on a typical AC plug. All the charging equipment is stored neatly away in the trunk – which is surprisingly spacious. You can for sure fit golf clubs in the trunk.

In fact, even the frunk (front trunk) has ample room for another roller bag. Perfect for loading up the car with shopping bags from Bloor street.

Maintaining classic Porsche configurations, the rear sloping roof and sculpted side doors are typical of the brand and a delight to Porsche fans everywhere.

Low to the ground and a low centre of gravity contribute to the aerodynamics and long driving range of over 225 miles on a single charge. That’s a lot of trips to the Muskokas and back to Toronto.

The Porsche Taycan: My new favourite car

What’s not to love? Features consistent with a futuristic ride include lane-keeping technology and adaptive cruise control. The battery is said to have a life of 8-10 years and a new one can cost between $14,000-$16,000. Ultimately battery power works out to be less than the cost of gas if you spend $50 a week on gas on average. It’s my new favourite car.

Special thank you to Canada’s best luxury website, for the exciting opportunity to test drive and review the 2021 Porsche Taycan EV.

Theresa Longo photos by Hans Janzen


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